Day at the Auckland Zoo.

Auckland finally produced a fantastic sunny (if not rather cold) day. So i was out of bed early and off to the zoo.

This was the first time using the 7Dmk2 at the zoo and i'd been waiting a while to see what i could capture.  Rather than spraying and praying i tried spending time composing my shots and ended up taking less than 2000 shots over the period of 6 hours of shooting.

Here's some of the results.

Always Loved the Sumatran Tiger, such a beautiful creature.

The majestic Ring Tailed Lemur, one minute totally zen the next totally crazy looking. 

The Hamadryas Baboon.  Just a very scary looking creature. 

The Meerkat. So Cute and such sad eyes. 

A bit of a mix of a few other shots. A New Zealand Dotterel, A spotted Cormorant, A baby Hamadryas Baboon and a Lioness.

Overall a fantastic day of taking photos and im pleased with the results. I still need a lot of practice with the 7dmk2's Autofocus system but im getting the hang of it. 

Until next time.

Mark :)