WINGSPAN - National Birds of Prey Centre.

Hi everyone, i went down for a trip to Rotorua on the weekend just been. It was the perfect opportunity to test out my new lens.

Now if you follow my facebook page @akiwitog you will have seen some of these pictures before but i wanted to do a proper blog post for anyone who follows my page and likes to share my adventures. 

I visited Wingspan - National Bird of prey Centre. I got to see some of the amazing Falcons and Harriers that we have in New Zealand and even got a peak at a Barn Owl which was a real treat (unfortunately he didnt want his picture taken! :( - maybe next time.)  

What makes wingspan so cool is that they do live flight shows where you get to see the birds fly around and chase lures (as part of their training) and as an added bonus - if you're lucky you get to put on the glove and have one of the birds land on your hand.

Here's a few pictures of some of the people i took photos of having this experience.

ne of the things about being a photographer is that you never ever are in the photos and so never have any images of doing things yourself.  I was very lucky that i got a chance to Hold Hisan a 9 month old New Zealand Falcon and there was a lovely couple David and Pam that were celebrating there 50th wedding anniversary by seeing the birds. I thought that was so cool i took some photos of them and in return they took a shot of me when i was holding Hisan so for once i get to have an image of myself doing something i love.  I think david took an awesome shot - what do you think? 

This was a great moment for yours truly and a moment i will never forget. :)

This was a great moment for yours truly and a moment i will never forget. :)

I love this little guy, he came back to my hand 3 times and made me feel pretty special. I intend to visit him once a month if i can and am thinking of sponsoring him so that the money can go back into conservation for this endangered species.  

I met some lovely friendly people on my trip and it made my day to be able to send some pictures to some of these people so they have a little momento of a fantastic experience that i was able to share with them.

I also went to paradise valley whilst i was in Rotorua (as its just down the road from wingspan) but i'll save the pictures i took from there for another day.

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read this, ill catch you all next time.