Fun at the Beach.

 So on saturday i decided to brave the bad weather and go to my local beach.  It was rather cold, windy and wet generally just not very nice at all for taking pictures.

 Just a few kilometres out of Waiuku in Auckland’s south, Karioitahi is a wide black sand beach. t's about an hour from Auckland central which makes it far enough away that on a day like yesterday meant it was almost deserted. 

I started off by take a couple of basic Landscape shots just to have a go and see what i could achieve.

There were some gulls around so i got a few shots of them as well just doing there thing.

 There was also a man training his horse. it was quite fascinating just watching him run it around in circles.

On the drive home i saw some cows near a fence line and one of them had stuck its head through the fence.  I thought it was a cute shot to end the day on.